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Debugging DLL Dependencies/LoadLibrary#

Loader Snaps Log#

Enable loader snaps via gflags and re-run your scenario under a debugger.

(Managed Only) Fusion Assembly Binding Log Viewer]#

Dependency Walker#

  • When trying to find all the libraries the project is loading & the order, build with this linker flag: /verbose:lib
  • Use dumpbin & dependencywalker to find what libraries/dlls are linked against (MSVCRT/MSVCRTD/LIBCMT/x64 vs x86)
    dumpbin.exe /Directives (use to see the runtime library that is linked
    dumpbin.exe /HEADERS  (use to see if x86 vs x64 in the machine entry)
    DUMPBIN /LINKERMEMBER[:{1|2}] <libraryname.lib>      (output all the exported symbols in a lib)

Last update: September 24, 2021