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Environment Variables#

  • hconfig: for listing houdini config and environment variables
  • -a: dump all the environment vars
  • -ap: dump all the seach paths
  • hgpuinfo: dump GPU info
  • -c/-l: dump OpenCL info for active/all devices
  • -g: dump OpenGL info
  • -o: dump OptiX info
  • Special characters:
  • ”@” => expands to directories in HOUDINI_PATH.  if the HOUDINI_PATH is $HIP$HFS/houdini $HOME/houdini then the value "@/vex" would expand to $HIP/vex $HFS/houdini/vex$HOME/houdini/vex
  • = => Equiv to $HIP
  • & => default path for given envar
  • ^ => For VEX-related variables, expands to the shader type For example, if HOUDINI_VEX_PATH="$HOME/vex/^", when loading Surface shaders it will expand to "$HOME/vex/Surface"

Last update: November 14, 2019