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Commonly Used Nodes#

  • Convert Splines to Geo: Polyline or wire node
  • Convert Polygon to Volume
  • Use GameDev Voxel Mesh Node: Creates watertight mesh
  • Use VDB From Polygons Node: Needs watertight mesh
  • Convert Volume to Polygon:
  • Convert VDB: Convert to=polygons
  • Convert Volume to surface/isosurface/sdf:
  • Convert VDB: VDB Class: Fog -> SDF
  • VDB Topology to SDF: will create shrink wrapped sdf around active vdb nodes. By definition, will create water tight meshes

Useful Nodes#

Node Description
Rotoshape Allow to rotoscope image files
Polyframe Generate frames along curves, Mikkt Tangents, etc. 
Connectivity Generates mesh connectivity information so you can grab /destroy mesh islands

Last update: November 14, 2019