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Game Development Notes#

Netlify Status

Site live @

Github repo @

Wut is this#

These are my personal notes from the past 4 years that I’m transforming from our internal dev onboarding guide.

I’m aiming to process about one section a day since the conversion from onenote/evernote/confluence is lossy and needs a final human pass to clean up little niggles. You can subscribe to the repo for updates

Site Build Instructions#

  • Originally built with gatsby, migrating to mkdocs
  • My notes related to the webdev of the site are in the gitrepo/docs folder
  • Webdev is pita; I mostly use obsidian/vscode to access the markdown notes and recommend the same or another markdown app/sublime text or even for the lazy

Current Conversion Status#

Restarting of rationalizing all notes/guides into one place…

  • Programming
  • [-] Graphics
  • [-] Houdini

Finished Conversion#

  • Conversion scripts from onenote/trillium to custom central store
  • UE4
  • Environment Setup
  • Build Guide
  • Packaging
  • Source Control
  • Gameplay
  • Editor Extensions
  • Tooling
  • Engine Programming
  • Rendering

Last update: May 2, 2021