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Open Source UE4 Repo#

Mostly outdated repos but keeping here for reference. Everything here is permissively licensed so feel free to use in your own games.

Superluminal Profiler#

Superluminal is an insanely low-overhead psamplin & instrumenting profiler with thread block visualization



NEW: 4.19.2 Integration with in-game live update drawing Video demo:

Integrating jonas' amazing microprofile. It's a fully featured profiler with live capture support, GPU timers, flame graphs, and remote capture. Short demo video:


Unreal Engine Python#

Fully featured Python support in UE4:

  • Full access to UE4's reflection layer (UObjects, UFunctions, & Blueprints)
  • Extensive support for native Slate widgets & UMG in Python
  • Support for Editor Extensions (Custom Viewports, ToolbarButtons, Custom Context Menus)
  • Automation: Creating custom asset import pipelines like ingesting FBX, creating animation composites,
  • Sequencer scripting support

Our fork is at

LivePP UE4 Plugin#

Live++ is an insanely fast hot-reloading library. Here's an example in our project of doing a hotreload in < 2s: The plugin is does the integration work for you and you simply just need to drop it in your project.

Live++ is made by Molecular Matter



Coming Soon: Integrating Insomniac Games MemTrace Tool into UE4
The tool is a faster & more improved variant of UE4's MallocProfiler. For example, it doesn't take 20 mins to open a couple minute trace.


  • Lightweight C++ runtime component with network recording
  • CRT heap hooking on Windows (Durango hooking available on request to licensed devs)
  • Full support for custom heaps and allocators
  • Supports displaying and analyzing fragmentation for custom heaps
  • Can display a delta between two arbitrary points in time.
  • Can aggregate memory data along several axes, including custom scopes
  • Supports asset and component memory scoping out of the box, but can be
    extended in source to group on arbitrary scopes
  • Supports forward and backward scrubbing in trace files during analysis