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Conda Cheatsheet#


Command Desc
pip show <PKG> show installed version of <PKG>
pcu requirements.txt what if version of pip-check-updates i.e. won't modify requirements.txt
pcu requirements.txt -u update requirements.txt package file
pcu requirements.txt -i interactive version of pip-check-updates


Command Desc
Managing Environments
conda info get version info
conda create --name <ENV> python=3.10 create new environment with package list
conda env create --name <ENV> --file env.yml create new environment from file
conda env remove --name <ENV> --all delete an entire environment
conda activate <ENV>/conda deactivate activate/deactivate environment
conda list --explicit > spec.txt produce an environment spec file
conda env export --from-history > env.yml export environment to file
Managing Packages
conda install <PKG>==<VER> install specific package version
conda install --file requirements.txt install from requirements file
conda update conda update conda base
conda update python update python version
conda update anaconda update all packages to latest stable + compatible version of Anaconda
conda update -n base conda update base conda environment
conda env update -n <ENV> --file env.yml --prune update environment from file and uninstall unused dependencies

Migrating Environments#

  • Using conda-minify to export minimal environment
    conda install conda-minify -c jamespreed
    conda-minify --name <ENV> [--relax] [--how [full|minor]] [--file ./test_env.yml]


Command Desc
Managing Environments
mamba info get version info
mamba env list list environments
mamba create -n <ENV> <PKG> create an environment
mamba env create --file env.yml import an environment
mamba env export -n <ENV> --no-builds show details of environment
mamba env export -n <ENV> > env.yml export an environment
mamba env remove -n <ENV> remove an environment
mamba env update -n <ENV> --file env.yml --prune update environment from file/uninstall unused dependencies
mamba create --name CLONE_ENV_NAME --clone <ENV> clone an existing environment
mamba activate <ENV>/mamba deactivate activate/deactivate environment
Managing Packages
mamba install -n <ENV> <PKG> install package
mamba update --all update mamba, base env, etc
mamba update -n base mamba update mamba base
mamba update -n <ENV> --all update package
mamba remove -n <ENV> <PKG> removing a package
mamba repoquery search <PKG> finding a package
mamba repoquery depends <PKG> [--recursive] show pkg direct/transitive dependencies
mamba repoquery depends -t <PKG> show pkg transitive dependencies as tree
mamba repoquery whoneeds <PKG> show pkg dependants i.e. inverse of depends
mamba repoquery whoneeds -t <PKG> show pkg dependants as tree