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Tutorials & Reference#

Helpful Tips#

  • testprops will bring up UPropertyEditorTestObject that contains all base properties and the corresponding slate widgets
  • More slate samples: SWidgetGallery.h & AppFramework/STestSuite/SWizard/STableViewTesting/SLayoutExample
  • PropertyModule is responsible for DetailPanel. In StartupModule(), you register for extension to configure it
  • DetailCustomization is the property sheet customization
  • Editor has Extender / extensibility hooks to plug into to expand functionality. To expose these points in the UI:
  • Editor Preferences -> General -> Miscellaneous
  • Check Developer Tools | Display UI Extension Points
  • Extender's have functions to add populate the extender (e.g. create a toolbar button)
  • You pass in MenuCreation functions as parameters b/c they get called on-demand lazily when the menu is being created
  • Menu/UI creation proceeds as normal Slate UI.
  • Look at Sequencer.cpp for samples
  • Look at Paper2D as samples as well (everything related to it is a plugin & not core to the engine)

Code References#

  • For a great reference point, start at: Source/Editor/DetailCustomizations/Private/DetailCustomizations.cpp
  • For customizing a category:Source/Editor/DetailCustomizations/Private/StaticMeshComponentDetails.h
  • To customize structs, use: derive from IPropertyTypeCustomization: /Editor/DetailCustomizations/Private/SlateColorCustomization.h for reference
  • For component visualizers: Source/Editor/ComponentVisualizers/