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Debugging Shader Compilation Process#

Debugging Validation#

  • Pass -d3ddebug to turn on d3d debug validation layer

  • FMeshDrawCommand::DebugData is a debug data struct



  • Whether to assert in cases where the layout is released before uniform buffers created with that layout


  • Whether to assert when a uniform buffer is being deleted while still referenced by a mesh draw command

  • Enabling this requires -norhithread to work correctly since FRHIResource lifetime is managed by both the RT and RHIThread
Command Desc
r.MeshDrawCommands.DynamicInstancing Whether to dynamically combine multiple compatible visible Mesh Draw Commands into one instanced draw on vertex factories that support it.
r.MeshDrawCommands.LogDynamicInstancingStats Whether to log dynamic instancing stats on the next frame
r.MeshDrawCommands.LogMeshDrawCommandMemoryStats Whether to log mesh draw command memory stats on the next frame
r.GPUScene.UploadEveryFrame Forces GPU Scene to be fully updated every frame, which is useful for diagnosing issues with stale GPU Scene data.
r.GPUScene.ValidatePrimitiveBuffer This downloads GPU Scene to the CPU and validates its contents against primitive uniform buffers.
r.RHICmdUseThread To Use a separate thread for RHICmdList
r.RHIThread.Enable To Disable RHI Thread
r.RHICmdBypass Set to 1 to disable
r.RHICmdUseParallelAlgorithms True to use parallel algorithms. Ignored if r.RHICmdBypass is 1.
r.MeshDrawCommands.ParallelPassSetup Whether to setup mesh draw command pass in parallel.
r.RHICmdBasePassDeferredContexts Disable the parallel tasks for base pass draw dispatch, causing those to happen on the RenderingThread.
r.MeshDrawCommands.UseCachedCommands Whether to render from cached mesh draw commands (on vertex factories that support it), or to generate draw commands every frame.
r.RDG.ImmediateMode Toggle get render graph executing passes as they get created to easily debug crashes caused by pass wiring logic.
r.RDG.EmitWarnings Toggle render graph emitting warnings about inefficiencies.
r.GPUScene.ValidatePrimitiveBuffer Readback the GPU primitive data and assert if it doesn't match the RT primitive data.
r.GPUScene.UploadEveryFrame Upload the entire scene's primitive data every frame