Lightmass misc lightmapping notes

StaticLightingDebug.cpp:::What goodies lie here?

LightaMapRendering (in Renderer Module): Handles render thread side of lightmaps (setting/creating uniform buffers)


  • GameThread struct containing lightmap data
  • Contains a reference (LightmapSetBelongsTo) to the lightmap set this lightmap refers to
  • LightmapSetBelongsTo set when FLightMap struct is allocated
  • Components handle allocating the FLightmap bookkepping data
  • Stores references to actual textures for the lightmaps


  • Defines interaction between mesh & lightmap
  • Just stores references to the textures in FlightMap + coefficients
  • Value struct b/c it gets blitted to the render thread


  • This actually creates the MeshMapBuildData struct
  • This gets written out to a sideband package next to the level (ex: MyHellzoneLevel_BuildData)


  • Seems to be called during light builds only
  • Actually allocates the lightmap texture

Components that require static lighting interaction (ex: landscape or staticmesh) have follow this file convention

  • [ComponentName]Lighting.cpp handles lightmapping functionality
  • [ComponentName]Rendering.cpp handles rendering

High-level process of baking

Start with StaticLightingManager::UpdateBuildLighting

AllocateLightMap populates PendingLightMaps (static array<FlightMapAllocationGroup> that gets procesed during Encode)

FlightMapAllocationGroup: Container of set of FLightMapAllocation

FlightMapAllocationGroup: Allocation of a region of lightmap texture to a specific lightmap

EncodeTextures() takes all the data in the PendingLightMaps allocation groups and turns them into FLightMapPendingTexture


Multiple Lightmaps



grep GCurrentLightmapSetIndex

grep LightmapSets

grep GCurrentILCIndex

add suffix to engine modification tag @third party code - Bebylon - MultiLightmap

coalesce cvars & rename to be better

change forward pass to use precomputed lightmap blends

store reference to MeshMapBuildDataID for LightmapSetsBelongTo

rename references of TArray<FLightMapRef> to typedef TArray<FLightMapRef> Lightmapset

FVector PrecomputedLightVolumeOffset = InWorldOffset - FVector(LightBuildLevelOffset);


void ULevel::OnApplyNewLightingData(bool bLightingSuccessful)


// Store level offset that was used during static light data build

// This will be used to find correct world position of precomputed lighting samples during origin rebasing

LightBuildLevelOffset = FIntVector::ZeroValue;

if (bLightingSuccessful && OwningWorld && OwningWorld->WorldComposition)


LightBuildLevelOffset = OwningWorld->WorldComposition->GetLevelOffset(this);