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VSCode Syntax Highlighting#

Token Highlighting#

  • colors/font styles applied through scopes
  • scopes specified as least-to-most specific dotted string e.g.
  • match resolution done on each dotted label from left to right
  • prefix matching is the standard way to have a color scheme apply to multiple syntaxes
  • Example
  • if keyword in php := keyword.control.php
  • instead of matching keyword.control.php, most color schemes will instead assign a color to keyword
  • most common to match first one or two labels in a scope
  • including final label in scope (e.g. php) used for syntax-specific overrides/exceptions
  • References
  • SublimeText Scope Definitions & Naming Guide
  • TextMate Scope Naming Conventions
  • TextMate Scope Selectors

Minimal Scope Coverage#

  • recommended minimal set of scopes to highlight


  • entity.other.inherited-class
  • entity.other.attribute-name
  • variable
  • variable.language
  • variable.parameter
  • variable.function
  • constant
  • constant.numeric
  • constant.language
  • constant.character.escape
  • storage.type
  • storage.modifier
  • support
  • keyword
  • keyword.control
  • keyword.operator
  • keyword.declaration
  • string
  • comment
  • invalid
  • invalid.deprecated
  • meta.* scopes: refrain from directly styling

  • they're primarily intended to provide contextual information for preferences and plugins

  • specify color that will be applied to classes, types, structs, interfaces and many other data structures

  • then override for the two scopes and, that are used for different types of constructs

  • rationale: historically, many color schemes provide one color for and, and a different color for but leaves new* scopes un-highlighted

Example: C++ Tokens and Scopes using IntelliSense#

Token Semantic Token name Fallback TextMate Scope
Class Template templateType
Enumerator enumMember variable.other.enummember
Event (C++/CLI) event variable.other.event
Function function
Function Template templateFunction
Generic Type (C++/CLI) genericType
Global Variable
Label label
Local Variable variable.local variable.other.local
Macro macro
Member Field property
Member Function member
Namespace namespace
New / Delete newOperator
Operator Overload Function operatorOverload
Operator Overload Member memberOperatorOverload
Parameter parameter variable.parameter
Property (C++/CLI) cliProperty
Reference Type (C++/CLI) referenceType
Static Member Field property.static
Static Member Function member.static
Type type
User-Defined Literal - Number numberLiteral
User-Defined Literal - Raw customLiteral
User-Defined Literal - String stringLiteral
Value Type (C++/CLI) valueType

Semantic Highlighting#

Semantic Token Types#

Semantic Token Type Desc
namespace identifiers that declare or reference a namespace, module, or package
class identifiers that declare or reference a class type
enum identifiers that declare or reference an enumeration type
interface identifiers that declare or reference an interface type
struct identifiers that declare or reference a struct type
typeParameter identifiers that declare or reference a type parameter
type identifiers that declare or reference a type that is not covered above
parameter identifiers that declare or reference a function or method parameters
variable identifiers that declare or reference a local or global variable
property identifiers that declare or reference a member property, member field, or member variable
enumMember identifiers that declare or reference an enumeration property, constant, or member
decorator identifiers that declare or reference decorators and annotations
event identifiers that declare an event property
function identifiers that declare a function
method identifiers that declare a member function or method
macro identifiers that declare a macro
label identifiers that declare a label
comment tokens that represent a comment
string tokens that represent a string literal
keyword tokens that represent a language keyword
number tokens that represent a number literal
regexp tokens that represent a regular expression literal
operator tokens that represent an operator

Semantic Token Modifiers#

Semantic Token Modifier Desc
declaration declarations of symbols
definition definitions of symbols, for example, in header files
readonly readonly variables and member fields (constants)
static class members (static members)
deprecated symbols that should no longer be used
abstract types and member functions that are abstract
async functions that are marked async
modification variable references where the variable is assigned to
documentation occurrences of symbols in documentation
defaultLibrary symbols that are part of the standard library

Semantic Token Scope Map#

theme applies highlighting with selector rule and style pair

  • selector syntax: (*|tokenType)(.tokenModifier)*(:tokenLanguage)?
  • on match rule: apply style to token; style format is same as in tokenColors
  • on match fail: vscode attempts evaluating semantic rule as normal TextMate scope using Semantic Token Scope Map
  • ex:
    `"*.declaration": { "bold": true } // all declarations are bold
    `"class:java":    { "foreground": "#0f0", "italic": true } // classes in java
Semantic Token Selector TextMate Scope
type.defaultLibrary support.type
struct storage.type.struct
class.defaultLibrary support.class
function.defaultLibrary support.function
variable variable.other.readwrite ,
variable.readonly variable.other.constant
variable.readonly.defaultLibrary support.constant
parameter variable.parameter
enumMember variable.other.enummember
event variable.other.event

Custom Semantic Tokens#

  • extensions can extend/create new token types/modifiers/scope maps

  • semanticTokenTypes: contribution point for types

    • id: new type id
    • superType: optionally inherit styling rules from this type
  • semanticTokenModifiers: contribution point for modifiers
    • id: new modifier id
  • semanticTokenScopes: contribution point for scope mappings
    • language: optional language-specific scopes
    • scopes: semanticToken-to-textmateScopes map; each entry can be 1-to-many
  • Ex:

  • '': package.json file

      "contributes": {
        "semanticTokenTypes": [{
          "id":          "barType",
          "superType":   "type",
          "description": "custom bar type"
        "semanticTokenModifiers": [{
          "id":          "native",
          "description": "annotate symbol as native"
        "semanticTokenScopes": [{
          "language": "typescript",
          "scopes":   { "property.readonly": [ "" ] }

    • adds new semantic token type barType and semantic modifier native
    • theme styling rules for type will also apply to barType
    • theme/color config elsewhere
  "name": "MyRedTheme",
  "semanticTokenColors": { "type": "#ff0011" }
  • semanticTokenColors value "#ff0011" applies to both type and barType