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Unraid File System#

  • /: OS runs entirely off RAM disk
  • loaded from flash usb drive
  • not persistent i.e. erased on reboot/shutdown
  • /boot: where flash drive is mounted e.g. the boot drive
  • /mnt: where hard drives are mounted e.g. cache, disk1, disk2, etc
  • /mnt/user: where user shares are mounted

Boot Flash Drive#

boot drive root gets mounted at /boot

Text Only
bzroot            - from distro; unRAID OS
bzimage           - from distro; unRAID OS startup
bzroot-gui        - from distro; optional; unRAID boot and management GUI; only v6.2
license.txt       - from distro; the license text
make_bootable.bat - from distro; preps flash drive from DOS or Windows
make_bootable_mac - from distro; preps flash drive from Mac
memtest           - from distro; Memtest86 5.01, open source version
install.txt       - from distro; installation instructions for preparing the flash drive; only v6.1.2 through v6.1.9
changes.txt       - from distro; release notes for current version, possibly for previous versions too; only v6.1.2 on
readme.txt        - from older distros; installation and release notes for older versions; only through v6.1.1, not since
readvz            - from Preclear plugin; optional; a tool for faster post-reading

/extra    - optional; any packages here will be automatically installed at boot
/packages - optional; packages here will not be automatically installed, but may be installed by certain plugins
/logs     - contains syslogs and diagnostics zip files; user may wish to archive old logs
/plugins  - not used currently
/previous - contains the previous unRAID version, if user wishes to revert back from current upgrade
/unmenu   - contains UnMENU files and folders; optional; only if user installs UnMENU
/syslinux - from distro
  syslinux.cfg  - from distro, but may be edited by user (user may wish to restore their customized version)
  syslinux.cfg- - note the trailing hyphen; restores "factory settings" when invoked from GUI, when Default is clicked under Syslinux Configuration; do not edit this file!
/preclear_reports - contains reports from Preclear scripts and plugins; optional
/config   - contains all user configuration and plugin information; some parts are from distro; if you don't backup entire flash, then backup this folder
  /plugins                          - contains all plugin files and folders, including Dynamix; a few are from distro
  /plugins-removed                  - contains the .plg files for plugins that have been removed
  /plugins-error                    - contains the .plg files for plugins which failed to install on system start up; the original .plg file is moved to this folder and won't be installed on next system start
  /shares                           - contains all files (*.cfg) that contain the share settings for each User Share; if removed, settings will be recreated with defaults
  /ssh                              - contains all generated SSH keys (if you delete this folder, it will be regenerated on next boot, with fresh keys)
  /plugins/dockerMan/templates-user - contains the user templates, the Docker template configuration info
  Plus.key          - your unraid licence file that you installed
  go                - from distro and runs as part of boot process.  May be edited by user to add additional steps to boot process
  stop              - not present unless manually created but if it is present then it runs the contents as part of the shutdown process
  disk.cfg          - contains various drive settings; if missing, recreated with defaults
  super.dat         - contains the drive models and serials and their array assignments; recreated empty if missing
  ident.cfg         - originally from distro, contains basic network identity settings, including NTP
  network.cfg       - originally from distro, contains basic network settings
  share.cfg         - contains global share settings; if missing, recreated with defaults
  smb-extra.conf    - optional; contains special smb settings, such as recycle bin settings
  domain.cfg        - originally from distro, contains basic domain settings
  domains.cfg       - obsolete; only in certain v6.2 installations
  docker.cfg        - originally from distro, contains basic docker settings
  *.key             - your purchased license key file or files, tied to flash drive GUID
  parity-checks.log - optional; history of parity checks
  smart-one.cfg     - contains SMART settings
  smart-all.cfg     - contains SMART settings
  passwd            - contains user and password info
  smbpasswd         - contains user and password info
  shadow            - contains user and password info
  secrets           - contains user and password info; may be obsolete from older versions???