Online networking delegates events

* Delegate fires whenever a client cheater is detected in the networking code
* @param PlayerId net id of the cheating client
* @param PunishType type of punishment to apply to a cheating client
* @param ReasonStr why the client is being punished due to cheating
* @param InfoStr extra info about the punishment to be applied (eg. ban received, etc)
DECLARE_DELEGATE_FourParams(FNetworkCheatDetected, const class FUniqueNetId& /*PlayerId*/, ECheatPunishType /*PunishType*/, const FString& /*ReasonStr*/, const FString& /*InfoStr*/);
static FNetworkCheatDetected OnNetworkCheatDetected;

* Delegate fired when a pending net game has created a UNetConnection to the server but hasn't sent the initial join message yet.
* @param PendingNetGame pointer to the PendingNetGame that is initializing its connection to a server.
DECLARE_MULTICAST_DELEGATE_OneParam(FOnPendingNetGameConnectionCreated, UPendingNetGame* /*PendingNetGame*/);
static FOnPendingNetGameConnectionCreated OnPendingNetGameConnectionCreated;

Last update: 2023-03-05
Created: 2019-05-16