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  • Simulation runs in 2 passes
  • The First Pass creates all the data needed for the simulation
  • The Second Pass passes the data to the DOP parser which then has the various solvers perform the simulation
  • The two passes are run for each time step
  • The First Pass always starts at the node where the display flag is active
  • It then goes up each node and determines all the dependencies between different object and solvers
  • It then goes back down the network and fills in all the data for the simulation
  • The Details View will show a snapshot of the AutoDOPNetwork just prior to the simulation being run for the specific time step

Volume Dynamics#

  • Source attributes like density, color, temp using points. (Lagrangian approach vs eularian)
  • Pyrosource node imports that to create a volume
  • Attribute Noise to add noise
  • Volume rasterize to rasterize the points into volume
  • DOP network to simulate
  • DOP IO node to import the dop fields and visualize


  • Volume Visualize
  • Volume Trails: For visualizing streamers