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Console Tips & Tricks#

Useful list from UE3:

  • GET [class][property] - returns the default value of a class property

  • GETALL [class][property] - returns the value property for all instantiated classes

  • DISPLAYALL / DISPLAYALLSTATE - Identical to "getall", but displays output on the screen in realtime, similarly to stats.

  • DISPLAY [object][property] - Displays only the specified property for the specified single object. Only enough of the outer chain is required to make the object uniquely identifiable.

  • DISPLAYCLEAR - Clears all display* output.

  • SET - this one is the most powerful of them all. It takes as the first parameter string a class name, the second string a variable name, and the third string, a value. All objects of the given class (including subclasses) will have the given variable set to the given value. For example "set Pawn CollisionRadius 200" will make all pawns have a collision radius of 200. (See PawnTricksAndTips? for more details). In v3323 the set command has limited functionality when using online, this is to limit cheating.

  • EDITACTOR [parameter] – Will bring up property detail view & edit the properties of first found actor according to the parameter.

  • CLASS= - Class to look for.

  • NAME= - Name to look for

  • TRACE – Trace player view for first hit actor.

  • EDITDEFAULT [CLASS=class] – Open property editor for default properties of specified class. Only allowed in standalone.

  • EDITOBJECT [parameter] – Edit the properties of the first found object of the specified class or with the given name.

  • CLASS= - Class to look for.

  • NAME= - Name to look for.




  • LISTFUNC <classname> <functionname>: Parse the function and display details

  • Calling events from the console:

  • Invoke a level blueprint event:

    ce EventName OptionalParamValue

  • Invoke an actor event:

ke ActorName EventName ParamValue

  • Invoke an actor event with wildcards to invoke on every actor in the world:

ke * TestConsoleEvent 25

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  • How to find problem actors for lightmapping/baking or fixing "Lighting Needs to be rebuilt" error message

  • Console command DumpUnbuiltLightInteractions

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  • How to improve light build times, look at the Lightmass statistics window

The Lighting Build Info dialog is a very important tool for improving lighting build times. First, build lighting in the level that you want to see stats for. Then, open the dialog under Build->Lighting Info->Lighting StaticMesh Info. Change the drop down to Lighting Build Info. This will show a sorted list of meshes and how long they took to compute lighting for.

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How To Execute Multiple/Chain Console Commands /string console commands. Use the pipe as a console command separator

  • stat unit | stat scenerendering

Dump all console commands:

dumpconsolecommands: dump all console commands to output

help: Generate html file of all console commands