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Assembly Cheat sheet#

General purpose register conventions:

  • R0/RAX: (accumulator) is used in arithmetic operations
  • R1/RCX: (counter) is used in the shift and rotate instructions, and used for loops
  • R2/RDX: (data) is used in arithmetic and I/O operations
  • R3/RBX: (base) used as a pointer to data (specifically as an offset to the DS segment register when in segmented mode)
  • R4/RSP: (stack) points to the top of the stack
  • R5/RBP: (stack base) points to the base of the stack
  • R6/RSI: (source) points to a source in memory for stream operations (e.g. lodsb)
  • R7/RDI: (destination) points to a destination in memory for stream operations (e.g. stosb)
  • R8
  • R9
  • R10
  • R11
  • R12
  • R13
  • R14
  • R15

Last update: November 18, 2021