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Metrics Window#

Many internal state and tools are exposed in the Metrics window. To access the Metrics window:

  • Call ShowMetricsWindow()

Using Begin/BeginChild#

  • You can omit Begin()/End(), widgets will be created into an implicit "Debug" window.

  • You can call Begin() multiple times to append to a same window from different place.

  • Use Begin()/BeginChild() to put yourself back into the context of another window (see #270

An interesting trick that isn't obvious is that you can use Begin() just to put yourself into the context of that window. So here I want to react to the user inputting an address to scroll to, I use BeginChild() again on the child that I've already drawn so I can use SetScrollFromPosY() on it

ImGui::BeginChild("##scrolling", ImVec2(0, -ImGui::GetFrameHeightWithSpacing()));
// ...(draw main content)
// And then much later in the main window, get back into child context to change scrolling offset
ImGui::SetScrollFromPosY(ImGui::GetCursorStartPos().y + (goto_addr / Rows) * line_height);