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AddPrimitive-> AddPrimitiveSceneInfo_RenderThread-> FPrimitiveSceneInfo::AddToScene-> FPrimitiveSceneInfo::AddStaticMeshes-> SceneProxy::DrawStaticElements Collects FMeshBatch elemets and sets flags on them:

      NOTE: need to update this line
        bSafeToUseUnifiedMesh =
          !(bAnySectionUsesDitheredLODTransition && !bAllSectionsUseDitheredLODTransition) // can't use a single section if they are not homogeneous
          && Material->WritesEveryPixel()
          && !Material->IsTwoSided()
          && !IsTranslucentBlendMode(Material->GetBlendMode())
          && !Material->MaterialModifiesMeshPosition_RenderThread()
          && Material->GetMaterialDomain() == MD_Surface;
      NOTE: Check everywhere in the code you have (Material->GetMaterialDomain() == MD_Surface)

      NOTE: Re-eval this line of code (StaticMeshRender.cpp)
          // Depth pass is only used for deferred renderer. The other conditions are meant to match the logic in FStaticMesh::AddToDrawLists.
          // Could not link to "GEarlyZPassMovable" so moveable are ignored.
          bUseUnifiedMeshForDepth = ShouldUseAsOccluder() && GetScene().GetShadingPath() == EShadingPath::Deferred && !IsMovable();
    Mesh::AddToDrawLists - Add the static mesh to the appropriate draw lists.
      NOTE JACKPOT: here's where we add to various drawlists.
        Ex: FDepthDrawingPolicyFactory::AddStaticMesh() &
          FBasePassOpaqueDrawingPolicyFactory::AddStaticMesh(RHICmdList, Scene, this);

          Static (not movable) StaticMeshComponent gets added iff ShouldIncludeDomainInMeshPass(Material->GetMaterialDomain()) && !IsTranslucentBlendMode(BlendMode)

          FBasePassOpaqueDrawingPolicyFactory::ProcessBasePassMesh() - this function stores the renderstate for this mesh batch

        NOTE: If we want to piggy back off the existing drawingpolicies & existing basepasses, extend TBasePassDrawingPolicy() to handle arenamaterial domain
            and set the correct stencil render state

        NOTE: JACKPOT: Also might be able to expand BasePassDrawListTYpe in FDrawBasePassStaticMeshAction::Process<>
            enum EBasePassDrawListType

            Which means add BasePassUniformLightMapPolicyDrawList, BasePassSelfShadowedTranslucencyDrawList, BasePassSelfShadowedCachedPointIndirectTranslucencyDrawList
            variables to FScene as drawlists for our custom geo

            And extend Scene->GetBasePassDrawList<LightMapPolicyType>(DrawType);

BaseDrawingPolicy:: SetSharedState SetMeshRenderState

Last update: November 14, 2019