Custom stencil walkthrough pt3


Use proper commenting for editor changes:

// @third party code - BEGIN Bebylon - #Eng-Feature: ArenaStencilPass - Comment describing specific change

// @third party code - END Bebylon

Why BBArenaStencilMD? Overkill just to specify a couple of spheres

  • Use custom property on static mesh components similar to custom depth/stencil properties

  • FStaticMesh::AddToDrawLists(), add a check against stencil geo and don't add it to the basedrawlists

Are these being used? Remove


Fold RenderCustomDepthStencilPrePass() implementation into RenderPrePass()

SetDepthStencilStateForBasePass(): Is this doing the right thing?

  • Revert this back to normal and verify it doesn't break


-Do all the arena static lists & dynamic

-Do all the stadium static lists & dynamic


-Change to use viewrelevance instead of materialdomain

Extend EBasePassDrawListType


-Extend *Factory::AddStaticMesh()

​ -In this function, you should add

​ -*MeshAction::Process()

-Extend: *Factory::DrawDynamicMesh()

-Rely on viewrelevance instead of material domain

To set stencil state: Extend the TBasePassDrawingPolicy:

  • SetSharedState() & SetMeshRenderState()

Render Pass Order is incorrect in FDeferredShadingSceneRenderer::RenderBasePassView():

Draw Static arena, draw dynamic arena

Draw Static stadium , dynamic Static

Perf degredation setting stencil state over and over


Tested in VR?

Tested packaged?

Tested Parallel Render Paths?

Searched everywhere MD_Surface & MD_Volume was being referenced?

MeshBatchAndRelevance.GetRenderInMainPass()/ should probably do similar to cache

ShouldIncludeDomainInMeshPass() to find all references