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Kl automation scripts


CLI is like git. It takes the form of [] options <group> options <subcommand>

ex: bcr -c debug -r iterate build bbr


After you run through [Setup] section, for a full proof Clean, Rebuild, & Cook:

bcr -c debug -r clean script fullbuild

bcr -c debug -r iterate script fullbuild

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t standalone cook bybook --maps=0-Lobby+U-Master-Goldfingers

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t server cook bybook --maps=0-Lobby+U-Master-Goldfingers


  1. Installation: these libs on your machine from an admin console:

Python is packaged in ThirdParty folder

ftype Python.File="E:\GameDev\knl\src\Bebylon\ThirdParty\Python3\python.exe" "%1" %*

assoc .py=Python.File

Add PATHEXT system variable and append ".PY" extension to the list.


Optional: I have explorer set so that running launching a python script will automatically open it through the terminal.

Here are details how you can use assoc .py & ftype Python.File to set it up

After setting assoc and ftype via cmd verify it by launching regedit and checking this key
it should read :
"<path to Bebylon>\ThirdParty\Python3\python.exe" "%1" %*
with <path to Bebylon> replaced with the correct path for your drive.

  1. Configure Machine: Go to Bebylon\Devops\BuildAutomation\BuildAutomation\ in a terminal and execute:

setupmachine config_envars

setupmachine switch_engver


Just pass --help at the end of any command/subcommand string

Text Only
bcr --help

bcr build --help

bcr build bbr -help


3 main targets to build.

  1. tools (usually not necessary)

  2. engine aka plain UE4Editor (this is actually what's used for cooking & building Game/Server/Client, not BBREditor. This is only needed to build if you make code changes in the base engine)

  3. bbr (bebylon specific targets: BBR (standalone game), BBREditor (editor), BBRServer (server), BBRClient(client))

You can pass a configuration: debug, debuggame, development, test, shipping to build the corresponding variant

You can also choose the rebuild method: iterate (incremental), rebuild (clean+rebuild), clean (just deletes the files)\

The 'rebuild' option is still flakey because UAT sometimes deletes downstream dependencies but doesn't rebuild them. If you want to do a rebuild, do the command with -r clean and then again with -r iterate

Here are the main commands for building:#

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t server build tools

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t editor build engine

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t editor build bbr

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t standalone build bbr

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t server build bbr

Here's a script utility that does a full clean + build on all targets:#

bcr -c debug -r clean script fullbuild

bcr -c debug -r iterate script fullbuild


Here's the command for cooking

bcr -c debug -r iterate -t standalone cook bybook --maps=0-Lobby+U-Master-Goldfingers



When using tuple arguments in click, you must provide a default value for the option; otherwise, you will get an error if you do not specify the argument on the command line. It will not choose to pass None or a tuple of None.