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Exposing Wrapper/SumType/Variant Structs to Blueprints#

I think you should be able to produce this sort of effect similar to the Get Data Table Row node, which casts the values in a data table to the correct output pin type based on a UScriptStruct which is derived from the inputs.

It may help to visualize by dropping one of these nodes into a blueprint editor (also have a data table to actually hook it up to). You'll see the output type changes according to the type in the data table row.

In C++, reference UK2Node_GetDataTableRow. I think of particular interest for the purpose of controlling the output pin type will be the SetReturnTypeForStruct method .

Depending on how you do it, it may also be useful to use a UK2Node_CallFunction, which you can see an example of in ExpandNode where we use GetDataTableRowFromName . Here it's used to transform the row name, but you may find a similar use for this elsewhere.

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How To Create Wrapper Structs#

struct FMovieSceneEventParameters

  FMovieSceneEventParameters() {}

  /** Construction from a struct type */
  FMovieSceneEventParameters(UStruct& InStruct)
    : StructType(&InStruct)

  FMovieSceneEventParameters(const FMovieSceneEventParameters& RHS) = default;
  FMovieSceneEventParameters& operator=(const FMovieSceneEventParameters& RHS) = default;

  FMovieSceneEventParameters(FMovieSceneEventParameters&&) = default;
  FMovieSceneEventParameters& operator=(FMovieSceneEventParameters&&) = default;
  FMovieSceneEventParameters(FMovieSceneEventParameters&& RHS)
    *this = MoveTemp(RHS);
  FMovieSceneEventParameters& operator=(FMovieSceneEventParameters&& RHS)
    StructType = MoveTemp(RHS.StructType);
    StructBytes = MoveTemp(RHS.StructBytes);
    return *this;

  void OverwriteWith(const TArray<uint8>& Bytes)
    StructBytes = Bytes;

  void GetInstance(FStructOnScope& OutStruct) const
    UStruct* StructPtr = StructType.Get();
    uint8* Memory = OutStruct.GetStructMemory();
    if (StructPtr && StructPtr->GetStructureSize() > 0 && StructBytes.Num())
      FMemoryReader Reader(StructBytes);
      StructPtr->SerializeTaggedProperties(Reader, Memory, StructPtr, nullptr);

  UStruct* GetStructType() const
    return StructType.Get();

  void Reassign(UStruct* NewStruct)
    StructType = NewStruct;

    if (!NewStruct)

  bool Serialize(FArchive& Ar)
    UStruct* StructTypePtr = StructType.Get();
    Ar << StructTypePtr;
    StructType = StructTypePtr;

    Ar << StructBytes;

    return true;

  friend FArchive& operator<<(FArchive& Ar, FMovieSceneEventParameters& Payload)
    return Ar;


  TWeakObjectPtr<UStruct> StructType;
  TArray<uint8> StructBytes;