Strip ps4 or xbox one files from staging

n CopyBuildToStagingDirectory.Automation.cs, a function is called to copy UFS and NonUFS folders to the staging folder (`SC.StageFiles(...)`):

The final argument passed to the function is a bool called bStripFilesForOtherPlatforms that is determined using:


So basically if you aren't using a pakfile, bStripFilesForOtherPlatforms will be true and you're in danger of getting the same behavior I describe.

 public bool UsePak(Platform PlatformToCheck)
 return Pak || PlatformToCheck.RequiresPak(this) == Platform.PakType.Always;

When this boolean is set, there's some code in DeploymentContext.cs::StageFiles that looks at the full path of the content you are including. If this content contains a folder whose name matches any platforms that you are not building for then the content gets ignored - as in not copied.

For future generations, strategically use platform names in your build folders: Win32 Win64 WinRT WinRT_ARM UWP Mac XboxOne PS4 IOS Android HTML5 Linux AllDesktop

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