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Custom Content Browser References#

Custom Content Browser Asset Category#

You can register custom categories using the RegisterAdvancedAssetCategory function from the AssetToolsmodule. You'd then need to use the registered category flag in the GetCategories function of your custom type asset actions.

The AI module provides an example of doing this. See FAIModule::StartupModule for the registration, and FAssetTypeActions_Blackboard::GetCategories for an example of using the registered flag in the asset type actions.

I notice that tutorial doesn't actually cover creating asset type actions, however they're pretty simple. FAssetTypeActions_Enum provides a pretty basic example, just remember to register them with the AssetTools module (via RegisterAssetTypeActions).

Reference From

Create New Asset Type + Asset Editor#

  1. Derive UFactory
    - Easy to register custom Ufactory for hooking into overriding new asset creation
    - Look at UDataAssetFactory, UDataTableAssetFactory
    - Ufactory::ConfigureProperties()

    • This is where the custom SClassPickerDialog gets created
  2. Derive from FAssetTypeActions_Base

  3. Implement FAssetEditorToolkit
  4. Make sure to override cooking process somehow so that any lazily referenced objects in your new asset are added to the cook & inclusion process

Look at

Text Only
UDataTable::Serialize() & UWorld::AddReferencedObjects &
UWorld::PreSaveRoot(const TCHAR* Filename, TArray<FString>& AdditionalPackagesToCook)