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Unreal Engine 4: Naming Convention#

The goal of this document is to share our internal naming conventions with the community to give everyone something to start out with. Using and getting comfortable with a strict naming convention is essential before your projects grows beyond a few dozen files.

*Disclaimer: This document is a constant work in progress, more asset types are added over time as we start using them with our game projects. If you have suggestions or comments you can leave them at the bottom of this page. Feedback is appreciated to improve this page.*

Last Revision: July 15, 2014

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General Naming#

  • All names in English.

  • All asset dependencies should be in the same folder. (except for shared assets)

  • Asset type determines prefix.

  • Blueprint is** BP_**assetname_01

  • Certain types (eg. textures) use a suffix to specify sub-types.

  • T_Grass_01**_N **for normal maps

  • Use underscores to split type from identifier and numeric values.

  • SM**_DoorHandle_**01

  • Use numeric values with 2 digits.

  • *SM_Pipe_01*


Asset Type Prefix Example Comment
Blueprint BP_ BP_WallLight_01
Blueprint Interface BPI_ BPI_InventoryItem_01
Material M_ M_Grass_01
Material Instance MI_ MI_Grass_01
Material Function MF_ MF_CheapContrast Not numbered
Material Parameter Collection MPC_ MPC_EnvironmentSettings_01
Static Mesh SM_ SM_Wall_01
Skeletal Mesh SK_ SK_Character_01
Texture T_ T_Grass_01_D Has suffix for texture types. See suffixes table.
Particle System PS_ PS_Fire_01
Physics Material PM_ PM_Dirt Not numbered
Sound S_ S_HitImpact_01
Sound Cue SC_ SC_HitImpact_01
Enumeration E EWeaponType Not numbered. Similar to convention in code (enum EWeaponType)
Render Target RT_ RT_CameraCapturePoint_01



Texture types all use the T_ prefix.

Texture type Suffix
Color Map _C
Normal Map _N
Emissive Map _E
Mask Map _M
Roughness Map _R
Metallic Map _MT
Specular _S
Displacement _DP
Ambient Occlusion _AO
Height Map _H
Flow Map _F
Light Map (custom) _L


These types have no prefix.

Asset type Suffix
Animation Blueprint _AnimBlueprint
Physics Asset _Physics
Skeleton _Skeleton
Blendspace use descriptive name: _AimOffsets
AnimMontage use descriptive name: _Death _Equip etc.

Texture Masks

RGB Mask for environment:

  • R = Metallic

  • G = Roughness

  • B = Ambient Occlusion

Content Directories

Content Directories
Content\ Animations all imported animation files.
Content\ Base base assets (eg. master materials) material functions and other "foundations" assets.
Content\ Characters character meshes / blueprints and skeletons.
Content\ Dev development assets / mockup meshes / special textures and icons. Not part of final build
Content\ Effects particle effects and dependencies.
Content\ Environment environment assets (meshes –materials – textures)
Content\ Gameplay gameplay specific assets (eg. flag mesh & dependencies for Capture The Flag)
Content\ PostProcess post process chains and its dependencies
Content\ Sound sounds and sound cues
Content\ UI menu and HUD assets
Content\ Weapons weapons and projectiles

Coding Standards

Epic has set up a [Coding Standards] page at the Unreal documentation pages.

Parts of this document were taken and/or modified from the [naming convention page] over at Unreal’s wiki.

Old Asset Naming Convention




This article contains ideas for assets naming convention and content folders structure.


  1. All names in English.

  2. All asset dependencies should be in it’s folder (instead of some shared assets).

Assets folders#

Content\Maps parent maps folder
............ Maps\Episode(_Number) game episodes, where (_Number) is 01, 02, 03, etc
............ Maps\TestMaps test maps, maps prototypes and other levels not for production
Content\Base basic materials, material functions and other “foundation” assets
Content\Characters folder for characters
............ Characters\NPC NPCs
............ Characters\Player player character(s)
Content\Dev development assets, like objects icons, special meshes and textures, etc
Content\Effects various shared effects
Content\Environment environment assets
............ Environment\Background backgrounds
............ Environment\Buildings buildings (simple or procedural)
............ Environment\Foliage foliage
............ Environment\Props various props
............ Environment\Sky skies
............ Environment\Landscape terrains assets
............ Environment\Water water meshes and materials
Content\Gameplay assets for various gameplay purposes
Content\PostProcess post process chains and it’s assets
Content\Sound sounds and sound cues
Content\UI UI assets
Content\Vehicles vehicles with effects
Content\Weapons weapons with effects
Folders by categories
Blueprints blueprints
Meshes static and skeletal meshes, physical assets
Materials materials and instances
Textures textures
Animations animations
Particles particle systems
LensFlares flares
Sounds sounds + cues
Morphs morphs
FaceFX FaceFX assets

Assets names#





Prefixes: (optional because of filters in content browser)

(by usage)
CH_ Characters
UI_ User Interface
VH_ Vehicles
WP_ Weapons
(by type)
BP_ Blueprint
SK_ Skeletal Mesh
SM_ Static Mesh
AD_ Apex Destructible Asset
AC_ Apex Cloth Asset
MT_ Morph Target
ST_ Speed Tree
PS_ Particle System
LF_ Lens Flare
VF_ Vector Field
S_ Sound
SC_ Sound Cue
M_ Material
MI_ Material Instance
MITV_ Material Instance Time Varying
MF_ Material Function
MPC_ Material Parameter Collection
T_ Texture
TC_ Texture Cube
RT_ Render Target
PM_ Physical Material


_BC Base Color
_MT Metallic
_S Specular
_R Roughness
_N Normal
_DP Displacement
_AO Ambient Occlusion
_H Height Map
_FM Flow Map
_L Light Map (fake)
_M Mask
_Physics physics assets (generated name)
_FaceFX FaceFx assets
_BlendSpace blend space (generated name)
_AnimBlueprint animation blueprint (generated name)

Texture Masks

RGB Mask for characters:

  • R = Metallic
  • G = Roughness
  • B = Subsurface Opacity

RGB Mask for character's Hair:

  • R = Hair Alpha
  • G = Specular/Roughness map
  • B = Anisotropic direction map

RGB Mask for environment:

  • R = Metallic
  • G = Roughness
  • B = Ambient Occlusion

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