Nick whitingdonaldson notes

stat unit

stat fps

hit pause to see if the gamethread is causing problems (hit pause key

0.6.0 has Oculus

IF RT was over 3 or 4 => causes problems

stat scenerendering (gives good overview)

NickP -> Send code changes to read stats

TiledDeferredRendering is 2 ms overhead

r.TiledDeferredRendering to 0

Hierarchy of ini's

Scalability settings get applied last

When fullscreening, scalability settings get reapplied

How do you launch in fullscreen/stereo? NickP will follow-up

stat unitgraph

email NickD how to make stat raw
and stat scenerendering vs stat d3drhicmds
send them the UE4 project

stat DumpHitches


EarlyZPass, auto heuristic is bad

can control whether masked gets drawn into early Z pass

Shader complexity view
r.earlyzpass ?
r.earlyzpassmovable can't be changed at runtime (look at the description)

How do you do test builds? ask NickWhiting

Show flags
(show flags really meant for debug)

Use layers
Show [layer name]
hit pause

Show enter
ambientcubemap is expensive