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Epicnick 854 pm with respect to blueprints the only strong refs are the variables you create and references to components

epicnick [[*8:54 PM]*]#

with respect to blueprints, the only strong refs
are the variables you create, and references to components


the intermediates in the event graph use weak object pointers, so an intermediate result won't necessarily keep an object alive


at a class level, classes can override AddReferencedObjects to hold on to references to things not reflected through the normal UProperty hierarchy



that's the biggest point of divergence for some of the native classes

[ikrima][[*8:59 pm]*]#

[@epicnick][]: Gotcha; and to double check, all UPROPERTY markups turn naked pointer references to UObjects to strong references?

[epicnick][@epicnick] [[*8:59 PM]*][2]#



but yup, that is correct