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Rsync Daemon#

  • for host computers not running SSH/RSH, we can run rsync as a daemon
  • listens on port 873 for incoming connections from other computers

[!danger] not recommended for unsecure networks (e.g. Internet) bc it's unencrypted data transfer

Rsync Options#

rsync -avh --info=progress2

Command Options
-axv --archive/-rlptgoD, don't cross file-system boundaries
-r: rescursive
-l: copies symlinks as symlinks
-p: preserves permissions
-t: preserves modification times
-g: preserves group
-o: preserves owner
-D: preserves device files
-HAXN hardlinks, ACLs, xattrs, crtimes
--delete propogate deletes to dst
--no-z no compress
-P --partial, --progress
-ni --dry-run, --itemize-changes
-R --relative: transform full paths to server root path relative
rsync -av /foo/bar/baz.c remote:/tmp/ => /tmp/baz.c
rsync -avR /foo/bar/baz.c remote:/tmp/ => /tmp/foo/bar/baz.c
foo,foo/bar (the extra folders) are implied directories
--password-file="~/rsyncd.secrets" password file
--log-file="~/rsyncd.log" log file
-e 'ssh -v -p 223' Use ssh to access subsequent directory
rsync://<user>:<pw>@<server>/<module>/path/to/remote source
/path/to/local dest

Understanding Rsync Output#


[!example] sample output

.d..t..g... ./
.f...p.g... Something.pdf
.f.....g... md5sum-2010-02-21.txt
.f...p.g... prova.rb
.d.....g... .metadata/
.f...p.g... .metadata/.lock
.f...p.g... .metadata/version.ini
>f+++++++++ Parameter_Usage.txt
Text Only
YXcstpoguax  path/to/file
`----------- the type of update being done:
 ||||||||||   <: file is being transferred to the remote host (sent).
 ||||||||||   >: file is being transferred to the local host (received).
 ||||||||||   c: local change/creation for the item, such as:
 ||||||||||      - the creation of a directory
 ||||||||||      - the changing of a symlink,
 ||||||||||      - etc.
 ||||||||||   h: the item is a hard link to another item (requires --hard-links).
 ||||||||||   .: the item is not being updated (though it might have attributes that are being modified).
 ||||||||||   *: means that the rest of the itemized-output area contains a message (e.g. "deleting").
 `---------- the file type:
  |||||||||   f for a file,
  |||||||||   d for a directory,
  |||||||||   L for a symlink,
  |||||||||   D for a device,
  |||||||||   S for a special file (e.g. named sockets and fifos).
  `--------- c: different checksum (for regular files)
   ||||||||     changed value (for symlink, device, and special file)
   `-------- s: Size is different
    `------- t: Modification time is different
     `------ p: Permission are different
      `----- o: Owner is different
       `---- g: Group is different
        `--- u: The u slot is reserved for future use.
         `-- a: The ACL information changed


[!example] sample output

105.45M 13% 602.83kB/s 0:02:50 (xfr#495, ir-chk=1020/3825)
  • 105.45M => destination reconstructed size
  • 13% => completion percentage e.g. out of 811.15MB source file's total size
  • 602.83kB/s => file reconstruction rate
  • 0:02:50 => data transfer operation elapsed time
  • xfr#495 => 495th file is being transferred
  • ir-chk=1020/3825 => 1020 files to check/verify out of 3825 detected running total
  • file count is a running total because rsync starts file transfer during incremental recursion scan
  • ir-chk => ongoing incremental recursion check; total file count in file list is still going to increase
  • to-chk => finished incremental recursion check; finished computing the full size of the list
  • to-chk=0/N => whole process finished where N is actual total number of files
  • (reference)