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Have a look at UStaticMeshComponent::GetComponentInstanceData and UStaticMeshComponent::ApplyComponentInstanceData. This is where lightmap data for components created in a construction script are supposed to backup and then restore their static lighting. Most likely something is happening causing the lightmaps to not be restored properly. Otherwise, look for a later call to InvalidateLightingCache and see why that is happening.


Finally, is there a way to disable these static lights insertions without side effects? (without having to rebuild all the lighting without issues)

You can disregard all unbuilt interactions by modifying FLightPrimitiveInteraction::Create, however that's not addressing the root cause.


bool FLightSceneInfo::ShouldRenderLight(const FViewInfo& View) const

/** Encapsulates all View-Independent reasons to have this light render. */

bool ShouldRenderLightViewIndependent() const


return !Proxy->GetColor().IsAlmostBlack()

// Only render lights with dynamic lighting or unbuilt static lights

&& (!Proxy->HasStaticLighting() || !IsPrecomputedLightingValid());


bool IsPrecomputedLightingValid() const;

void CreateLightPrimitiveInteraction(const FLightSceneInfoCompact& LightSceneInfoCompact, const FPrimitiveSceneInfoCompact& PrimitiveSceneInfoCompact);


void ApplyLightMapping(FStaticLightingTextureMapping_InstancedStaticMesh* InMapping, ULevel* LightingScenario);


void FStaticMeshStaticLightingTextureMapping::Apply(FQuantizedLightmapData* QuantizedData, const TMap<ULightComponent*,FShadowMapData2D*>& ShadowMapData, ULevel* LightingScenario)

UInstancedStaticMeshComponent() as reference for applying custom render/lightmap data based on another primitive

class FLandscapeStaticLightingMesh : public FStaticLightingMesh


*An interface to cached lighting for a specific mesh.


class FLightCacheInterface

Analyze Material Outputs (e.g. users vertexcolor, number of texturecoordcount, etc):

void UMaterialInterface::AnalyzeMaterialProperty(EMaterialProperty InProperty, int32& OutNumTextureCoordinates, bool& bOutRequiresVertexData)

Add Render Overlay Extensions:


  • This is what's used to late latch motioncontroller/hmd transforms

Custom Lightmap for components and/or referencing the indirect lighting cache in a material:

  • bUseLandscapeLightmap in Landscape GrassType

  • InitLandscapeLightmap()

  • SetInstance()

  • Code on updating lightmap coords/transforms

  • Also look at StaticInstanceMesh() on how to rotate/transform lightmaps

  • FLandscapeGrassLightMap()

  • // Make sure root is a StaticMeshComponent:

  • USCS_Node* RootNode = SCS->GetAllNodes()[0];

  • check(RootNode && "SCS Root node was null!");

  • UStaticMeshComponent* SMC = Cast<UStaticMeshComponent>(RootNode->ComponentTemplate);

  • check(SMC && "Root was not a static mesh component!");

  • USCS_Node* MyComponentNode = SCS->CreateNode(UMyComponent::StaticClass());

  • MyComponentNode->ComponentTemplate->CreationMethod = EComponentCreationMethod::Native;;

  • RootNode->AddChildNode(MyComponentNode, false);

  • FBlueprintEditorUtils::MarkBlueprintAsStructurallyModified(Blueprint);