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Useful functions

virtual void RerunConstructionScripts();

UActorComponent* CreateComponentFromTemplate(UActorComponent* **Template**, const FName **InName** = NAME_None );

UActorComponent* CreateComponentFromTemplateData();

LoadedLevel will not be set on the ULevelStreaming object until the level is fully loaded. And at that same point the ULevelStreaming.OnLevelLoaded will be broadcast.

Reference From

Duplicate or create an instance of an existing object. Can also be used to create a duplicate new asset that's a subclass of a new asset:#

*Bag = (UPEBag*)StaticConstructObject (BagContentRef->StaticClass(), GetTransientPackage(), DataAssetTemplate);*

COREUOBJECT_API UObject* StaticConstructObject( UClass* Class, UObject* InOuter=(UObject*)GetTransientPackage(), FName Name=NAME_None, EObjectFlags SetFlags=RF_NoFlags, UObject* Template=NULL, bool bCopyTransientsFromClassDefaults=false, struct FObjectInstancingGraph* InstanceGraph=NULL );

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Prevent or Disable creating a default subobject:#


Last update: 2023-03-05
Created: 2019-05-16