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Geo Processing#

  • Heat Flow Method - Geodesic Distance
  • Mobius Registration - Find correspondance between two meshes
  • Vector Heat Method - Parallel transport across surface
  • Can be used for extrapolating level set velocities
  • LogMap/Exponential map
  • Geometric Medians & Karcher/Frechet means
  • Centroidal Voronoi diagrams
  • Consistently ordered landmarks (for shape correspondance across near isometric surfaces)
  • Variational Cuts - Auto seam mesh
  • Unwrapping Techniques
  • Boundary First Flattening - (minimizes conformal mapping energy but insight is that doesn’t matter; where you place the cuts is more important)
  • Arap / Arap++ (minimizes a different energy than LSCM)

Last update: November 5, 2021
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