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General Tips#

  • Adding a button to attach the debugger directly to the UE4 instance

  • Print Blueprint/BP Callstack

  • Crash Course Visual Assist Shortcuts

  • ALT+G - Context menu to go to places where a function/variable/class is referenced
  • ALT+SHIFT+G - Context menu to see the declaration/implementation of a function, see instances of a type, see base symbols (classes/function/variables it might be inheriting from)
  • ALT+O - Toggle Header/Code file
  • ALT+SHIFT+S - Search for symbols (Really useful!)
  • ALT+SHIFT+R - Rename symbol


Visual Assist#

Optimal Config#

Debugging & Logging VAssistX#

General link for resolving performance issues:

Logging: Although debug logs contain information primarily related to functions and performance of Visual Assist, they will contain names of local solutions, projects, directories, and files, and may also contain symbol names.

If you can open the options dialog of Visual Assist, enable logging:

(Logging begins the moment you enable the checkbox. If you close and re-open the options dialog, the checkbox may not be enabled even though logging is in effect.)

Note the location of va.log.

If you cannot open the options dialog of Visual Assist or are so directed by customer support, use regedit to enable logging before Visual Studio starts:

  1. Navigate to HKCU\\Software\\Whole Tomato
  2. Set the value of Logging to 1