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Export Anim#

  • Houdini:
  • Y-up, Z forward
  • Set keyframe on root skeleton at frame 0
  • Export ROP: Force Blend Shape Export + Force Skin Deform Export

  • Unreal

  • Import with selecting existing skeleton if already exists
  • Use T0 as ref pose = True
  • Convert Scene = True
  • Force X-Axis = True
  • NOTE: Not sure how to export morph targets into UE4
  • Make sure prerot/postrot is set accordingly between bindpose & imported fbx
  • UE4 exported fbxs dont have prerot & postrot

Import Anim from UE4#

  • Export with force X-axis front
  • Houdin import FBX convert Y-up=true
  • You might need to set the capture frame in the FBX Mesh network to be the first frame of the imported animation to reset the fbx bind skeleton bind pose

Last update: 2023-03-05
Created: 2019-06-29