Deprecated performance profiling guide in ue4

Very useful article:

Useful Commands:

stat fps 
stat unit 
stat unitgraph 
stat raw 
stat scenerenderingOverall Scene Rendering Stats
stat particlesshow particle stats
stat shadowrenderingCPU Render Thread time ussuing shadow depth calls
ProfilegpuMeasures GPU execution time
stat d3d11rhiD3D Driver rendering times

Typing ‘show’ then enter shows you all the things you can turn on or off to see if perf goes up or down.

show staticmeshesTurn on or off static meshes
show particlesTurn on/off particles
show translucency 
show postprocessing 
show skeletalmeshes 
DumpShaderStatsDump Shader Stats
stat Slow [-ms=0.3] [-maxdepth=5]Command will dump all stats taking longer than specified ms & lower than specific nested depth in their grouping. Really useful for quick perf tests if you don’t have access to profiler. "stat grouped" disables it

Last update: November 14, 2019