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Rust Cheatsheet#

rustup is the preferred rust toolchain manager
cargo is the rust package manager

  • automatically installed by rustup


Command Desc
rustup install install rust toolchain
rustup update update rust toolchain


Command Desc
cargo build fetch and compile dependencies
cargo build -p <PKG> --release --target-dir <DIR> --features <X,Y...> --all-features 'cargo build' PKG with release profile to target DIR with features X,Y,...
cargo check 'cargo build' without final code gen step
cargo doc build documentation
cargo doc --open --document-private-items --no-deps 'cargo doc' including private items and excluding dependencies
cargo install install package
cargo run run package
cargo run -p <PKG> -- <ARGS> run PKG with command line ARGS
cargo test compile/runs tests, doc examples, standalone examples
cargo tree display package tree
cargo tree -e features --depth N show enabled features on each package up to depth N
cargo tree --format "{p} {f}" --depth N more compact version of above