Deprecated scaling down

Make sure to performance profile under right conditions

  • Never in Debug.

  • Development is convenient

  • Test gives near Shipping fps

  • Make sure lighting is built (if it's not, uses a slower path)

Useful commands:

  • Stat unit / unitgraph / detailed

  • Game is CPU on game thread (but includes vsync wait)

  • Draw is CPU on render thread

  • GPU is GPU time

  • Make sure Max tick rate settings are disabled (t.MaxFPS, SmoothFrameRate=false, r.DontLimitOnBattery)

  • Stat raw to disable smoothing

  • StartFPSChart / EndFPSChart: Creates CSV with stats

  • CPU Profiling

  • Stat DumpFrame -ms=.1

  • Outputs log of function calls with timings on game thread

  • quick_scope_cycle_counter(MyOwnProfilerName)

  • Stat StartFile/StopFile : takes DumpFrame output and puts it into a file. Can do it remotely + browse it with Unreal Front End

  • GPU

  • ProfileGPU or Ctrl+Shift+,