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  • Pyro & Grains can make use of OpenCL
  • OpenCL fallsback to CPU OpenCL when GPU runs out of memory
  • Do LookDev with OpenCL bc solvers are slightly different than CPU ones
  • Flip doesn't utilize OpenCL as much
  • Grains - Increase number of iterations to 200 as a starter
  • Pyro - have to be careful with sourcing as that triggers GPU-CPU xfers which might dwarf benefits of OpenCL

Minimize GPU-CPU transfers#

  • Make sure to turn off DOP Caching in the dopnet node bc caching copies all the fields every frame
  • Only import minimal fields (eg density) to SOPs so you only have one field

Gas Upres#

  • Does not have built-in OpenCL toggle
  • Dive into the node network and toggle Use OpenCL for all the advection nodes
  • Dissipate doesn't have a built-in OpenCL node so use $HPSITE/ocl/sim/