Misc wip

Development Debugging:

Useful Console Commands

Memory Leaking:

gc.CollectGarbageEveryFrame 1


  1. Visualize by using

TraceTag or TraceTagAll

  1. Go into Debug Mode:
  • ToggleDebugCamera


  • Turn on show all properties while playing & unsafe properties Display All Blueprint Properties
  • Toggle allow execution of script functions in editor
  • EditActor: to bring up detail view of actor

RecompileShaders global

RecompileShaders material

RecompileShaders all

Collision Analyzer Tool


  • DumpUnbuiltLightInteractions


Log/Log List [string]/Log [cat][level]

ShowDebugToggleSubCategory *

ShowDebug *

Actor Select Relevant Lights

Useful UDK/UE3 Links on Performance/Tooling:

Go to bool StaticExec( UWorld* InWorld, const TCHAR* Cmd, FOutputDevice& Ar ) in Obj.cpp and extract out useful commands and arguments (eg listprops, getall, singleref, refs, etc)

  • Dev Tools

  • Pause World Ticking

  • Tick One Frame Forward at Fixed Timestep
  • Also enable UCheatManager() built-in functions on Dev Tool
  • Fixed Random Seed & Set Fixed Timestep dev options

Networking Tips & Tricks