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Misc Useful#

Useful Techniques#

Surface Based Growth Using Carve and FindShortestPath Growth Propagation In Houdini Geometry based vectorfield shaping for smoke simulations with vex

Cool Special FX#

Dancing Particle Madness in Houdini with Mixamo Animation Houdini DA - Propagate, Reveal & Transform Frozen efect Houdini Sculpture Turning FX Houdini pyro colored smoke mixing (project file included) Houdini + Redshift Volumetric Rendering Test Houdini Stylized Culling Destruction With Reference Destruction Houdini Test: Swirly Trails Tree 4D MONKEY DUST Aelib Houdini Library: Hypercube and 4D Deformers

Last update: November 5, 2021
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