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Water Tight Mesh#

  • GameDev Voxelize Mesh
  • VDB SDF Reshape: Close - Causes holes & valleys to be filled
  • VDB SDF Reshape: Open - Causes isolated islands to erase
  • VDB Segment By Connectivity: Can be used to get rid of islands

Remeshing/Refining/Subdivide: Here are useful nodes#

  • Subdivide
  • Remesh
  • InstantMeshes
  • Divide

Poly Cleanup#

Houdini Game Dev Toolset tutorial by Michael Pavlovich

  1. GameDev Delete Small Parts: delete small parts
  2. GameDev Voxelize Mesh: create water tight mesh and remove internal geo - Internally this does VDB SDF Reshape and converts back to poly
  3. Two Approaches for Generating GameRes Geo
  4. PolyReduce nodes
    1. PolyReduce: reduce polygons
    2. PolyDoctor: better version of Divide+Clean nodes
      • Repair Ill-Formed (aka degenerate prims)
      • Repair 5+ edges
      • Repair Non-Convex
      • Repair Non-Manifold points
      • Old nodes
      • Divide**:** Triangulate generated triangles
        • Convex polygons
        • Don’t generate slivers
        • Avoid slivers
      • Clean
        • Remove Degenerate Prims
        • Fix Overlaps
        • Remove Unused Points
        • Manifold-Only Topology
  5. Instant Mesh: generate clean topology
  6. GameDev AutoUV: generate UVs - GameDev UV Visualize: visualize UVs - GameDev Mark Seams + UV Flatten: can explicitly specify where seams should be
  7. Normal: generate vertex normals

Last update: November 14, 2019